About Us

This site is an attempt to make the connection of the obvious fraud and abuse of the Wells Fargo scandal to the ongoing abuse of Wall St banks, servicers and non banks. We are being told that the financial crisis is over and foreclosures are back to normal. CEOs like John Stumpf of Wells Fargo and the agencies covering up for the banks and making these claims cannot be trusted

Homeowners from the 2008 crisis time frame are still fighting to get justice and in fact some have gotten their homes back along with damages for fraud and intentional harm and abuse.

The “free house” idea should be dead and buried but most Americans, and even homeowners that had their homes stolen, continue to be shamed or are ignorant of the law and their basic rights.

Getting our homes back will be letting the thieves on Wall St off cheap!

Our elected officials and government agencies must stop the continuing theft of our homes and enforce our laws to stop the destruction of our economy and OUR WAY OF LIFE!